UnCommon Women 2018

Last year when I released the Women of the Commons colouring book, I hoped to spark a celebration of the brilliant women of the open movement. What began as a colouring book turned into a movement, inspiring meaningful dialogues to real impact. Around the world, people told me how meaningful it was for them to have their daughters and sons colour in the faces of real women — women who they have worked with. Women who have inspired them. I was invited to host panels around the world to discuss the advancement of women into leadership roles, and to rethink what leadership could look like if it was viewed through a feminized lense. I heard story after story of advocates who lifted women up, of peers who listened, and of times when it was lonely, frustrating, and hard. 2017 was a turning point for the voices of women, and I believe that making space to hear and model each others’ work has a cascading effect for the organizations and movements they belong to — not just to be more inclusive to women, but be more inclusive to all.

This year’s colouring book belongs to you. From the nominations you made, to the funds you donated so we could design and print it. What you are holding in your hands is the result of over 100 community nominations, lifting up the names of women from around the world and across sectors of work who have made an impact in our lives. Over 80 of you came forward to support the creation of this book, from over 15 countries, by 72 backers and over 2,000 social media impressions. Every RT, share, and like made a difference. We literally could not have done it without you.

I am grateful to the 15 remarkable women who put their trust in us to illustrate them lovingly and include them in this book. There are never enough pages. So again I have left the final page blank for you to make your own recommendation. I’m always grateful for the time and talent of Rori! Comics who runs her own amazing project to support voices of women #100women100days. This year she’s running her own colouring book crowdfund campaign please support it #visiablewomen 

Now it’s your turn: colour or draw in your own uncommon woman — you can even draw in yourself.

Share your coloured pages with us @UnCommon_Women on Twitter. We’ll collect them and share them back with the community, and with the women we’ve celebrated here.

With gratitude,

Kelsey Merkley, UnCommon Women



UnCommon Women Colouring Book 2018 single sheets 

Jess Mitchell @jesshmitchell
Inclusive Design Research Centre
Once projected managed the Ghana Internet Exchange Point now expert ininclusive design. Makes the world better one thoughtful moment at a time.

Maha Bali @Bali_Maha
Virtually Connecting / American University in Cairo
Unparalleled dedication to connecting researchers, activists, and practitioners around the globe.
Eman Jaradat @eman
Jordan Open Source Association
Media activist, mentor and advocate across the Arab World.
Teresa Nobre @tenobre
CC Portugal / Communia
Without exception or limitations, she is a lawyer and expert in IP, and a passionate copyright reform researcher.
María Juliana Soto Narváez @JulianitaQueTal
Fundación Karisma
Energetic open culture advocate, supporting the open community in Columbia.

Mary Burgess & Amanda Coolidge @maryeburgess - @acoolidge
The powerhouse open education duo. Courageous, passionate advocates for an inclusive and supportive movement. Doers.

Lhadon Tethong @lhadon
Tibet Action Institute
Dedicated to Tibetans using and understanding digital tools to support their nonviolent fight for freedom.

Jess Klein @iamjessklein
User Experience and Instructional Designer
A maker, a mentor, a delightful illustrator and designer, and an open source resource creator.

Sara Fratti @fratticidio
Instituto Panameño de Derecho y Nuevas Tecnologías
Dreamer of a better internet for all, but specifically for women and the next generation. Activist with CC Guatemala.

María Sefidari Huici @mSefi
Wikimedia Foundation Board
Visionary wiki editor, community raiser, founder of LGBT WikiProject.

Liz Oyange @lizoyange
Aga Khan University
Passionate about Africa and intellectual property.
Nicole Ebber @antischokke
Wikimedia Deutschland
Transformer, strategist, and builder for the global Wikimedia community.

Catherine Cronin @catherinecronin
National University of Ireland
Ground-breaker in open educational practices and research.

Amira Dhalla @amirad
A woman behind the web. Movement building and designing for inclusive communities.

Kim Thanos @kthanos
Lumen Learning
Social entrepreneur in Open Education who gets stuff done, relentless and passionate about improving the lives of students and faculty.

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