Last year when I released the Women of the Commons colouring book, I hoped to spark a celebration of the brilliant women of the open movement. What began as a colouring book turned into a movement, inspiring meaningful dialogues to real impact. Around the world, people told me how meaningful it was for them to have their daughters and sons colour in the faces of real women — women who they have worked with. Women who have inspired them. I was invited to host panels around the world to discuss the advancement of women into leadership roles, and to rethink what leadership could look likeRead More →

In the 2014 Tutu Lecture “Women in Peace” Mary Robinson, President of Ireland, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights spoke to the importance of gender equality of the decision-makers in the room.  And what that the value of amplifying the voice of women leaders brings more to the room and the decisions – Her practical recommendation was simple “that women in positions of authority walk into a room that is dominated by men should ask “What’s wrong with this room?”” I started UnCommon Women because I saw a gap between the women in senior operating roles and the men in “Thought Leader”Read More →

via GIPHY We were truly saddened by the loss of our colleague and friend Bassel Khartabil. In honour of his memory, we had a colouring sheet made by Rori Comics to celebrate his life, creativity and spirit. This image is licensed under CC-BY 4.0 Correct attribution is “Bassel Khartabil – UnCommon Women” by RoriComics  CC-BY 4.0  via GIPHYRead More →

How to host your own UnCommon Women Conference Colour-Up Step one: Download a complete set of PDF pages suitable for individual printing here: UnCommon Women Colouring Book – single page Step two: Pack up your colouring sheets & markers, crayons etc along to your next conference. Step three: Find a comfy spot and invite everyone to take a break and colour in one of the amazing Women of the Commons Colouring Book sheets Step four: Don’t forget to tag us at @Uncommon_Women & so we can build more great gifs. via GIPHY    Read More →